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"Working with Aleix has been an amazing experience that I often think fondly of. [...] His soundtrack is often quoted as a major selling point of my game FixFox."— Jaroslav Meloun, Rendlike(read more)
"His work added a great vibe to our game and his knowledge of FMOD was something really helpful throughout the entire process.”— Tomáš Oramus, Play By Ears
(read more)
Hey! Listen!

Hi, I'm Aleix

(pronounced ah-lésh)

Me in 10 seconds:
I'm a video game Sound Designer and Music Composer based in Spain.

Multi-instrumentalist, gamer, introvert (INTJ), and cat person, but I also like humans.

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Aleix Ramon

What my clients say

Jaroslav Meloun (Rendlike)

We worked on FixFox, a Pixel Art game

Working with Aleix has been an amazing experience that I often think fondly of.

Aleix is systematic, paying attention to details and making sure that deadlines are met, but also creative, even coming up with his own suggestions to improve the player experience.

He's versatile in both digital and analog instruments and can handle an insanely broad range of styles and genres. When in doubt, he carefully estimated his options, making quick musical experiments, to make sure we were on the same page.

As a client, I was completely satisfied and definitely got the value for my money, with lots of extras. Aleix's soundtrack is often quoted as a major selling point of my game FixFox; if you're an indie developer looking for a talented and experienced music professional, but your budget is not infinite, I can definitely recommend him.

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Tomáš Oramus (Play By Ears)

We worked on Dukaz 111, an audio-only mobile game

I met Aleix at a sound design conference and after a short chat we had a deal.

Working with him was amazing, his music added a great vibe to our game and his knowledge of FMOD was something really helpful throughout the entire process.

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Sergi Aparici (SAM Scares)

We worked on the trailer of Las Celdas de Maddom, a horror book

Aleix nailed the atmosphere and melodies that my project needed; suspense and horror.

It's been wonderful to work with him because we had excellent communication at all moments.

He's flexible and had no problems finding solutions we all liked! I'll definitely return to him for more music for my next projects.

Sander Wubben (Devil Toad Studio B.V.)

We worked on Guncar Arena, a Pixel Art game

Working with Aleix has been an absolute pleasure.

He is very professional and methodic in the way he works and communicates. He knows how to take the essence of a game and translate that into unique compositions which truly elevate the game.

Aleix  is passionate and creative and I was very impressed by the way he was able to mix genres to create something completely unique for my project. He was also very open to feedback and in the end produced a soundtrack that I am extremely happy with!

Pixel art big demonPixel art knight

What players say

I love seeing my music helping games get better reviews. Here's what journalists and players say about one of my latest soundtracks, made for FixFox.

(You can read how the solo dev and I made it happen in my blog)

Heather Johnson Yu

[...] I love the music, those delightful chiptunes providing a soothing soundtrack that never stopped being enjoyable. - Full review


I adore FixFox's soundtrack, which is auspicious given it's so prevalent. - Full review

Jose Antonio Calvo

There's a lot of love for Chiptunes in the shape of very catchy music, but there are also lavish moments that strengthen an intriguing story full of special moments. (translated from Spanish) - Full review

Alice Bell

[...] I get the title screen theme stuck in my head quite often. - Full review

Pedro Cooray

Driving between locations is atmospheric and relaxing, supplemented by the wonderful, memorable soundtrack, reminding me of the better parts of my time with Sable. - Full review

Jayden Tighe

The music of Fixfox takes the serene atmosphere to perfection. - Full review

Lee Fairweather

[...] Kudos to you Sir for creating an awesome and varied OST. - Full review

[...] Really I can't underscore enough how pleasant and just overall enjoyable every song in the game is, especially as you ride between old semi-abandoned towns having a little folksy guitar backing you up and setting the mood was really perfect.

[...] The music alone is fantastic and would love to have a soundtrack.

[...] You'll love the soundtrack composed by Aleix Ramon as most of the tracks gives off gentle vibes while still being in place, while fitting the scenery as needed.

[...] Music is one helluva piece of work! From bad ass desert soundtrack to chill Lo-fi music.

[...] It's been two weeks since I finished the game, but I still listen to the soundtrack when outside on a walk, and think about how the game made me feel.

[...] Different music tunes, that played together compound themselves into yet another tune in a manner, that would leave J.S. Bach proud. These little details show that the person behind the game did not care about the effort needed, nor for the RoI KPIs, nor for the focus groups feedback. No, the only valid measure was the vision of the final product.

The story, gameplay, and music of this game are f*****g awesome. I don't usually pay attention to game music, but I love this one, and it makes the game much better. (translated from Spanish)

Pixel art knightPixel art small demon
Pixel art knightPixel art big demon
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Get into my brain

I know, trusting a music composer to take care of your project's music is scary. What if he messes up? What if he doesn't care enough? After all, no one really knows how much effort you've put into making your game.

This is why I'm regularly pouring my brain into my personal blog - so that you can see how I think and who I am.

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