Let's make your
game sound
better than
like chiptunes
on steroids
as immersive
as the matrix
chill inducing
but new
modern but
"Aleix is a person with whom it's enjoyable to work, he gets very involved in the project ensuring a high quality result"
— Rubén Acebal, Ubisoft
"Working with Aleix means solutions. He adapts perfectly to the needs of every project to create the music that suits it the best.”
— Albert Dalmau
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Hi, I'm Aleix

(pronounced ah-lésh)

Me in 10 seconds:
I'm a video game music composer based in Spain. I make modern soundtracks with a retro twist.

Multi-instrumentalist, gamer, introvert (INTJ), and cat person, but I also like humans.

Me in 120 seconds?
Aleix Ramon
Lake Las Vegas Sports Club in Henderson, NV

A unique sound for your unique game

Your game has its own personality, and its soundtrack should reflect it. Because of my past experiences making all kinds of music, I'm comfortable with any kind of music your game could need - from Rock to Classical, Electronica to lullabies, Cinematic to Folk, you name it - and I love to mix them with a layer of delicious 8-bit spices.

For story-driven games, I use leitmotifs to give a boost to the game's narrative side. This works specially well to infuse life to your characters!

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Your vision, amplified

I put special care in understanding your vision so that I can reinforce it with the right music.

If I join you in your quest, I'll regularly send you demos so that you can see how the music evolves. I'll also ask for your feedback and iterate if needed: It's my top priority to ensure that we're both happy with the final result.

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A soundtrack that accompanies the player

For extra immersion and fun, I can make the soundtrack adaptive using FMOD or Wwise. That means crafting and implementing music in a way that it reacts to the gameplay.

And whether we go the adaptive way or not,  I can take care of implementing the music myself. (Hint: that will save you a lot of time.)

Easy communication
and painless deadlines

Organization and punctuality are the Achilles tendon of many artist.

I put special care in communicating clearly, and even though I regularly miss buses and other wheeled vehicles, I've never missed a music-related deadline.

While I'm ok with using email/chat/call to communicate, I'll also share with you a personalized Trello board to keep track of all the tracks and demos. This keeps things tidy even with the most complex games.

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Get into my brain

I know, trusting a music composer to take care of your project's music is scary. What if he messes up? What if he doesn't care enough? After all, no one really knows how much effort you've put into making your game.

This is why I'm regularly pouring my brain into my personal blog - so that you can see how I think and who I am.

Here are my latest blog posts:

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