Featured Projects

Magic Inn

Credits: SFX, original music

Deckbuilding meets relationships-building in this wholesome inn simulator. Its sound design and music are quirky and lighthearted. (PC)
Release date TBA

Captain Soda

Credits: Original music, additional SFX

'Super Crate Box' meets 'Hell is Other Demons'. It has a caffeinated Hybrid 8-bit soundtrack full of energy and quirkyness. (PC)
Release date TBA

Guncar Arena

Credits: Original music, additional SFX

Chaos-fueled bullet hell bathed in Hybrid 8-bit Metal (and the blood of your enemies). (PC)
Release date TBA; footage from early demo.

G-Switch 4

Credits: SFX (except implementation),
original music

The fourth installment of the popular Sci-Fi runner. (Mobile, browser; footage from browser version)


Credits:  Original music, additional SFX

A story-driven Pixel Art game. It has a laid-back Sci-Fi flavor peppered with Hybrid 8-bit music. Read the case studies on how I scored it and used adaptive music, or check it out on Steam. (PC)

Evidence 111

Credits: Original music

The first ever Audio Game made in Czech language, Dukaz 111- later translated to English as Evidence 111. Read the case study or check it on Google Play and the App Store. (mobile)

Silix Hunters

Credits: SFX, original music.

Spaceship shooter. (PC)

Rune Chaos!

Credits: SFX, original music.

Pixel Art arcade game. (PC)

Terminal Colony

Credits: SFX, original music.

Low-poly clicker. (PC)

All Projects

Magic Inn (PC, release date TBA)
Guncar Arena (PC, relase date TBA)
Captain Soda (PC, release date TBA)
G-Switch 4 (mobile and browser)

FixFox (PC, Switch)

Speaker at GameSoundCon 2021: Making Hybrid Music for Pixel Art Games

Důkaz 111 (mobile)

The Last Fox (Game Jam)
Vila Flora - Kickstarter promo

Rune Chaos (Game Jam)
Terminal Colony (Game Jam)
Cap d'any a Tarragona - Videomapping
Speaker at Nouvelle Prague Music Conference: How Not to Die of Hunger in the Music Industry

Silix Hunters (unreleased)
The Lightbringer (Game Jam)
Masterclass @ Músics music school: The Psychology of Soundtracks
The Nomad Home Studio: Make a Living From Music While Traveling - eBook

Blood Room - Feature film
Desfer el Cami - Short film
Auto2Q - Commercial
Festa&Teca - Commercial
Videoreceptes - Social media microvideos
Synergie - Corporate video series
Cyber Sofa Games (unreleased)
La Pobla de Mafumet - Videomapping
Vila-seca - Videomapping
El Quijote Restaurant - Videomapping

Oda als Additius - Short Film
Freshly Cosmetics - Commercial
Miedo a las Palabras - Short Film
Finques Borrell - Commercial
Rabasa & Dase - Commercial
7 in 1 - Commercial
Brots Restaurant - Commercial
Tsunami Bikinis - Commercial
Decathlon Moia - Commercial
Lowanna Clothing - Commercial

TAG Events - Commercial
Companyerisme Laboral - Corporate video series
Meeting of Styles - Short Documentary

Armonía - Documentary