Featured Projects

Captain Soda

'Super Crate Box' meets 'Hell is Other Demons'. It has a caffeinated Hybrid 8-bit soundtrack full of energy and quirkyness.

Release date TBA

Guncar Arena

Chaos-fueled bullet hell bathed in Hybrid 8-bit Metal (and the blood of your enemies).

Release date TBA (footage from early demo)

Magic Inn

Deckbuilding meets relationships-building in this wholesome inn simulator. Its music and sound design are quirky and lighthearted.

Release date TBA


A story-driven Pixel Art game. It has a laid-back Sci-Fi flavor peppered with Hybrid 8-bit music.

Read the case studies on how I scored it and used adaptive music, or check it out on Steam.

Evidence 111

The first ever Audio Game made in Czech language, Dukaz 111- later translated to English as Evidence 111.

Read the case study or check it on Google Play and the App Store.

Silix Hunters

Spaceship shooter.

Rune Chaos!

Pixel Art arcade game.

Terminal Colony

Low-poly clicker.

All Projects

Magic Inn (PC, release date TBA)
Guncar Arena (PC, relase date TBA)
Captain Soda (PC, release date TBA)

FixFox (PC, Switch)

Speaker at GameSoundCon 2021: Making Hybrid Music for Pixel Art Games

Důkaz 111 (mobile)

The Last Fox (Game Jam)
Vila Flora - Kickstarter promo

Rune Chaos (Game Jam)
Terminal Colony (Game Jam)
Cap d'any a Tarragona - Videomapping
Speaker at Nouvelle Prague Music Conference: How Not to Die of Hunger in the Music Industry

Silix Hunters (unreleased)
The Lightbringer (Game Jam)
Masterclass @ Músics music school: The Psychology of Soundtracks
The Nomad Home Studio: Make a Living From Music While Traveling - eBook

Blood Room - Feature film
Desfer el Cami - Short film
Auto2Q - Commercial
Festa&Teca - Commercial
Videoreceptes - Social media microvideos
Synergie - Corporate video series
Cyber Sofa Games (unreleased)
La Pobla de Mafumet - Videomapping
Vila-seca - Videomapping
El Quijote Restaurant - Videomapping

Oda als Additius - Short Film
Freshly Cosmetics - Commercial
Miedo a las Palabras - Short Film
Finques Borrell - Commercial
Rabasa & Dase - Commercial
7 in 1 - Commercial
Brots Restaurant - Commercial
Tsunami Bikinis - Commercial
Decathlon Moia - Commercial
Lowanna Clothing - Commercial

TAG Events - Commercial
Companyerisme Laboral - Corporate video series
Meeting of Styles - Short Documentary

Armonía - Documentary