The cool bio

Aleix Ramon

Aleix Ramon (pronounced Ah-lésh Rah-món) is a multi-instrumentalist Music Composer, Producer, Sound Designer, and writer with several shipped titles

Born in Spain, he started composing at a young age and toured as a guitar and keyboard player with Rock, Jazz, Pop and Metal bands. Guided by his passion for video games, he soon studied Audiovisual Communication and Music Psychology to better grasp the magic synergy between games and audio. 

Creatives and directors hired him as a Composer and Sound Designer for multiple commercials, films, and video mappings. Yet he eventually changed gears to pursue his lifelong mission: creating music and sound design for video games.

Aleix's music has a strong sense of melody learned from old-school games, and he thrives in creating melodic modern soundtracks with an 8-bit twist, a perfect match for retro-looking games.

The realistic bio

Aleix Ramon

I'm Aleix Ramon (pronounced Ah-lésh Rah-mon... or just Alex, doesn't matter). 

As a kid, I spent an unhealthy amount of time playing video games. My older brother introduced me to that wonderful world and to consistently losing at two-player games. 

While leveling up, I spent all my skill points on music and sound design, and Leeroy Jenkins-ed myself into an endless stream of sonic side-quests: bands, movies, commercials, producing for artists, and some other things I don't want to talk about (*cough* edgy YouTube covers *cough*).

But nothing can keep one away from their main quest. Armed with bard powers and a deep addiction love for video games, I'm now in the middle of my greatest adventure: bringing the sexiest indie games to life!