Make a killer first impression with your title screen

We live in an era of effortless Steam refunds, and the first impression your game makes is more important than ever.

Here's a way to help you nail it - you'll need a music composer for this one.

  1. Ask your music composer to make at least two additional versions of the title screen music of your game. They can be as simple as stripped-down versions of the original version, with fewer instruments - this should be relatively easy to do.
  2. Switch between versions each time the player enters or leaves a submenu. This makes the game more engaging from the very beginning and shows attention to detail.

See the video below to see an example of this.

The easiest way to implement this is with FMOD or Wwise. These are middleware that you can use as plugins in most game engines and allow you to implement audio in remarkable ways (like this one).

The best part is that most pro composers and sound designers are familiar with them so they can take care of most of the implementation.

See how I did it in FixFox:

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